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Vissers, J. and R. Beech (2005). Health operations management: patient flow logistics in health care. London, Routledge.

Vogt, J. J., W. J. Pienaar, et al. (2002). Business logistics management: theory and practice. Oxford, Oxford University Press.

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Waller, B. (2003). Deriving strategic advantage from finished vehicle logistics. Solihull, International Car Distribution Programme.

Warner, B. (1994). Making the right choice: a guide to distribution solutions, Institute of Logistics.

Waters, C. D. J. (2002). Logistics: an introduction to supply chain management. Basingstoke, Palgrave.

Waters, C. D. J. (2003). Global logistics and distribution planning: strategies for management. London, Kogan Page.

Waters, W. G. and D. H. Uyeno (1987). Export coal logistics: management, models and moving coal, University of British Columbia Centre for Transportation Studies.

Watson, M. B. (2004). Sea logistics: keeping the navy ready aye ready. St. Catharines, Ont., Vanwell.

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Weindahl, H.-P. (1988). Load-Orientated production control: a contribution to the logistics-orientated factory, Institut fu\0308r Fabrikanlagen der Universita\0308t Hannover.

Weiss, J. W. (1986). The management of change: administrative logistics and actions. New York, Praeger.

White, J. A. E. and I. W. E. Pence (1989). Progress in material handling and logistics: Material handling research colloquium: Papers. Berlin; New York, Springer-Verlag.

White, M. S. (1995). Gulf logistics: Blackadder's war. London, Brassey's.

Whitelegg, J. (1995). Freight transport, logistics and sustainable development. Godalming, WWF UK.

Williams, J. M. (1987). Logistics: 7th International congress: Papers, IFS.

Wills, G. (1981). Marketing of continuing management development. Bedford, Cranfield School of Management Marketing and Logistics Research Centre.

Wood, D. F. (2002). International logistics. New York, N.Y.; London, AMACOM Books.

Worsford, F. (1995). Greenergy: the Exel Logistics and Boots the Chemists experience of testing and evaluating a Swedish urban quality diesel fuel, Exel Logistics.Firm.

Worsford, F. J. (2001). The green logistics company. Kingston upon Thames, Croner.CCH.

Woxenius, J. (1998). Development of small-scale intermodal freight transportation in a systems context. Doktorsavhandlingar vid Chalmers Tekniska Ho\0308gskola. Ny serie, 0346-718X; nr.1384. Go\0308teborg, Department of Transportation and Logistics, Chalmers University of Technology: xix,244p.

Wright, C., H. Hunston, et al. (1998). Automotive logistics: optimising supply chain efficiency. London, FT Automotive.

Wright, D. T. (1997). The First International Conference: Managing Enterprises -Stakeholders, Engineering, Logistics, and Achievement (ME-SELA'97): 22-24 July 1997 at Loughborough University, UK. London, Mechanical Engineering Publications.

Wright, D. T. E. (1997). Managing enterprises: stakeholders, engineering, logistics, and achievement, Mechanical Engineering Publications.

Younger, R. (1997). Logistics trends in European consumer goods: challenges for suppliers, retailers and logistics companies, FT Retail & Consumer Publishing.

Zineldin, M. E. (2003). Competition, collaboration and co-operation in logistics: papers from the 3rd international event on co-operation & competition (C&C), Emerald.

Zylstra, K. D. (2006). Lean distribution: applying lean manufacturing to distribution, logistics, and supply chain. Hoboken, N.J., Wiley; Chichester: John Wiley [distributor].

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