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Pitfield, D. E. (2001). Transport planning, logistics, and spatial mismatch: a regional science perspective. London, Pion.

ProActive, C. (1996). Logistics for competitive advantage: a European perspective, ProActive Communications.

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Roe, M. (2001). Polish shipping under communism. Aldershot, Ashgate.

Rogers, D. S. and R. S. Tibben-Lembke (1999). Going backwards: reverse logistics trends and practices. [Reno?], Reverse Logistics Executive Council.

Roller, D. (1998). Logistics management and environmental aspects. Croydon, ISATA.

Ross, D. F. (1996). Distribution: planning and control. London, Chapman & Hall.

Ross, D. F. (1998). Competing through supply chain management: creating market-winning strategies through supply chain partnerships. New York; London, Chapman & Hall.

Roth, J. P. (1999). The logistics of the Roman Army at war: 264 B.C.-A.D. 235. Leiden, Brill.

Rowley, J. E. (2000). The principles of warehouse design, Institute of Logistics and Transport.

Rushton, A. and J. Oxley (1989). Handbook of logistics and distribution management, Kogan Page.

Rushton, A., P. Croucher, et al. (2000). The handbook of logistics and distribution management. London, Kogan Page.

Savage, C. and A. Slater (1999). How to select logistics software, Altrincham, Added Value Logistics.

Savides, K. and A. K. C. Beresford (1997). The UK-Greece transport corridor: a case study on the logistics of whisky movement, University of Wales, College of Cardiff, Department of Maritime Studies and International Transport.

Scarf, H. E., D. M. Gilford, et al. (1963). Multistage inventory models and techniques. Stanford, Calif., Stanford University Press.

Schary, P. B. (1984). Logistics decisions: text and cases. Chicago; London, Dryden.

Schary, P. B. and T. Skjott-Larsen (1986). International business logistics in Scandinavia. Copenhagen, Nyt Nordisk Forlag Arnold Busck.

Scho\0308nsleben, P. (2000). Integral logistics management: planning & control of comprehensive business processes. Boca Raton, Fla.; London, St. Lucie Press.

Scho\0308nsleben, P. (2003). Integral logistics management: planning and control of comprehensive supply chains. Boca Raton, FL, St. Lucie Press.

Schorr, J., M. J. Alexander, et al. (1969). Logistics in marketing. Edited by Jerry Schorr, Milton Alexander, Robert J. Franco, New York, London: Pitman.

Seldon, B. (2003). How to manage inventory effectively, Altrincham, Added Value Logistics.

Services, P. E. C. (1996). Logistics in Europe: the vision and the reality; survey into current developments influencing European manufacturing and logistics, P-E Consulting Services.

Services, P. E. C. (1996). The changing role of third-party logistics: can the customer ever be safisfied? Survey into the expectations of out-sourced distribution services, P-E Consulting Services.

Shahriari, M. (1993). Safety at rail/road level crossings, Chalmers Univerity of Technology.

Shakantu, M. W. (2004). An investigation into building material and waste logistics: the case of Cape Town. Glasgow, Glasgow Caledonian University

Shang, K.-C. (2002). Building sustained competitive advantage through logistics competency: an empirical study of the manufacturing industry in Taiwan. Cardiff, University of Cardiff

Shapiro, R. D. and J. L. Heskett (1985). Logistics strategy: cases and concepts. St. Paul, Minn., West Pub. Co.

Shapiro, R. D. and J. L. Heskett (1985). Logistics strategy, West.

Shawkey, P. and C. Hart (2003). Logistics' contributions to better health in developing countries: programmes that deliver. Aldershot, Ashgate.

Shrader, C. R. (1992). U.S. military logistics, 1607-1991: a research guide. New York, Greenwood.

Shrader, C. R. (1995). Communist logistics in the Korean War. Westport, Conn.; London, Greenwood Press.

Shrader, C. R. (1999). The first helicopter war: logistics and mobility in Algeria, 1954-1962. Westport, Conn.; London, Praeger.

Shrader, C. R. (1999). The withered vine: logistics and the communist insurgency in Greece, 1945-1949. Westport, CT; London, Praeger.

Sims, E. R. (1991). Planning and managing industrial logistics systems, Elsevier.

Sjo\0308holm, J. (1992). Long distance freight transport from the regional aspect. Go\0308teburg, Chalmers University of Technology, Department of Transportation and Logistics: 1nv. (various pagings).

Sjo\0308stro\0308m, K. (1994). Finnish paper products in transport and related export competitiveness: empirical study in the impact of product characteristics on logistics, transport costs and distribution. Helsinki, Helsingin Kauppakorkeakoulu.

Sjo\0308stro\0308m, K. E. and L.-O. E. Rask (2001). Supply chain management for paper and timber industries. Helsinki, Timber Logistics.

Sjöström, K. (2000). Logistics in the forest sector. Helsinki, Timber Logistics Club.

Slater, A. (1995). How to select suppliers of third-party distribution services: including an example invitation to tender. Altrincham, Added Value Logistics Publications Ltd.

Slater, A. (1997). Example contract for third-party transport services. Altrincham, Added Value Logistics.

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