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Kane, T. M. (1998). Getting it there: the relationship between military logistics and strategic effectiveness, University of Hull.

Kane, T. M. (2001). Military logistics and strategic performance. London, F. Cass.

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Khan, Q. (1990). A computer graphics approach to logistics strategy modelling, Cranfield Institute of Technology.

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Kratz, B. (1992). The special demands on logistics derived from the direct mail order trade:an analysis from a technical and economical viewpoint. Pfaffenweiler, Centaurus.

Kress, M. (2002). Operational logistics: the art and science of sustaining military operations. Boston, Mass.; London, Kluwer Academic.

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Lee, S. S. (1994). Development of logistics-centred-design methodology for creating the attractive quality - total logistics support, University of Exeter.

Lee, T.-W. (2002). Shipping in China. Aldershot, Ashgate.

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Lewis, A. G. (2001). Streamlining health care operations: how lean logistics can transform health care organizations. San Francisco, Calif.; [Great Britain], Jossey-Bass.

Long, D. (2003). International logistics: global supply chain management. Norwell, Mass.; [Great Britain], Kluwer Academic Publishers.

Loporcaro, J. A. (1990). International agreements for research, logistics and access concerning the Arctic: preliminary list, US Arctic Research Commission.

Lowe, D. (2001). The dictionary of transport and logistics. London, Kogan Page.

Lu, C.-S. (1997). Strategic groups and logistics strategy in the Taiwanese liner shipping industry. Cardiff, University of Wales, Cardiff

Lumsden, K. E., G. E. Stefansson, et al. (2003). Collaboration in logistics, Elsevier.

Lynch, C. F. (2000). Logistics outsourcing: a management guide. Oak Brook, Ill., Council of Logistics Management.

Lynch, K. (2004). The Air Force Chief of Staff logistics review: improving wing-level logistics. Santa Monica, Calif., Rand.

Lynn, J. A. (1993). Feeding Mars: logistics in Western warfare from the Middle Ages to the present. Boulder, Colo.; Oxford, Westview Press.

Macelhiney, P. T. a. H. and C. L. Hilton (1968). Introduction to logistics and traffic management, Dubuque, Iowa: Wm. C. Brown Co.

Macgarrah, R. E. (1963). Production and Logistics Management: text and cases, pp. xix. 560. John Wiley & Sons: New York & London.

Macksey, K. (1989). For want of a nail: the impact on war of logistics and communications. London, Brassey's Defence.

Magad, E. L. and J. M. Amos (1995). Total materials management: achieving maximum profits through materials/logistics operations. New York; London, Chapman & Hall.

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Markham, W. J. (1998). The logistics audit: a guide to reshaping the seven dimensions of your logistics process - to win sustainable performance breakthroughs, Cambridge Strategy Publications Ltd.

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Marlow, W. H. (1976). Modern trends in logistics research: proceedings of a conference held at George Washington University. Cambridge, Mass; London, MIT Press.

Marlow, W. H. (1977). Modern trends in logistics research: proceedings of a conference held at the George Washington University. Cambridge, Mass.; London, M.I.T. Press.

Mason, G. (2005). In search of high value added production: how important are skills? investigations in the plastics processsing, printing, logistics and insurance industries in the UK. Nottingham, Dept. for Education and Skills.

Masters, J. M. E. (1997). Proceedings of the twenty-sixth annual transportation and logistics educators conference, The Transportation and Logistics Research Fund, The Ohio State University.

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